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Its our belief that the performance of the rivet and the tool are maximized when considered a system.  Our riveting tools have the most advanced features, such as AutoFeed, Error Proofing Technologies, plus are super ergonomic and have up to a 2 year warranty.  The goal here is up time, all the time, with RivetKing products.

Going Green

Reduce your dependency on air compressors.  

offering only the best riveting solutions to industRy

We have the most diverse range of blind rivets in the industry, with over 1.4 billion pieces of the highest quality rivets on the shelf. All of which have gone through rigorous testing to insure they meet the standards of our distributors, their customers, and the automotive sector.

Solutions for Distributors

Learn how a solutions driven approach can help build relationships by reducing their 

installed cost.






Safety and Ergonomics

Free your workers from tethered air supply lines and Error-Proof your assembly process.

A team of dedicated engineers and inspectors work hard to check every batch of rivets we send out.  We do salt spray analysis, shear and tensile testing, and of course dimensional verification.  Hardness A, B and V are also confirmed in our ISO17025 lab. To insure our customers have maximum reliability.

Solutions for End Users

Find efficiencies, reduce waste and save cost while improving

the work environment.